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You Can Use IEEEP Funds for EIEL-CA

With the release of the Request for Applications (RFA) for a new round of Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program (IEEEP) funding, comes new opportunities for professional development to support the inclusion of children with disabilities in preschool inclusive classrooms.

Embedded Instruction for Early Learning – California (EIEL-CA) is proud to be part of the professional development offered through IEEEP. Grantees may use the funding to receive job-embedded professional development with practice-based coaching to assist LEA teaching teams with implementing evidence-based instructional practices in preschool inclusive classrooms.

To learn more, contact Therese Snyder at

Request for Input: Rating the DRDP for Children with Intensive Support Needs

The Desired Results Access Project would like to learn how early childhood special educators and service providers complete the DRDP for children with more intensive support needs. If you have strategies or tips, we would like to talk with you. We hope to share the approaches we learn with the field.

If you are interested, please contact one of us at:
Patty Salcedo:
Kelly Cunningham Bua:

How Has COVID-19 Impacted the Social-Emotional Development of Children?

Data Byte: social-emotional development of preschool children with IEPs in California: 76%-67%: almost 10% decrease in those meeting age expectations.Across the country we are seeing impacts on the social-emotional development of young children due to COVID. National experts explain that these impacts are the result of exacerbated adverse childhood experiences, limited opportunities for social interaction, and reduced enrollment in Pre-K and early intervention services.

Visit to find your local preschool outcomes data in social-emotional development!


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