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California preschool special education services meet state target

Desired Results Access Project Data Byte #2: Graph showing how in 2021-2022, the % of SELPAs meeting state targets for preschooler's use of appropriate behaviors to meet needs increasedAs part of child outcomes reporting, the DR Access Project annually calculates the percent of preschoolers exiting preschool special education functioning at age expectations in “Use of Appropriate Behaviors to Meet Needs”*.

Children experienced reduced physical activity levels due to COVID-19 lockdowns** and spent less time in the community and classroom where they practice adaptive skills, leading to a decline in the percent of SELPAs meeting state targets for preschoolers functioning at age expectations between spring 2019 and winter 2021. Most children returned to classrooms by spring 2021.

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You Can Use IEEEP Funds for EIEL-CA

With the release of the Request for Applications (RFA) for a new round of Inclusive Early Education Expansion Program (IEEEP) funding, comes new opportunities for professional development to support the inclusion of children with disabilities in preschool inclusive classrooms.

Embedded Instruction for Early Learning – California (EIEL-CA) is proud to be part of the professional development offered through IEEEP. Grantees may use the funding to receive job-embedded professional development with practice-based coaching to assist LEA teaching teams with implementing evidence-based instructional practices in preschool inclusive classrooms.

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