Adaptations Worksheet for the DRDP (2015)

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Child’s Name: ___________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Adaptations that will be used throughout the child’s day and available for all routines and activities




If yes, briefly describe

Augmentative or alternative communication

Methods of communication other than speech that allow a child who is unable to use spoken language to communicate with others.


Alternative mode for written language

Methods of reading or writing used by a child who cannot see well enough to read or write or cannot hold and manipulate a writing utensil (e.g., pencil, pen) well enough to produce written symbols.


Visual support

Adjustments to the environment that provide additional information to a child who has limited or reduced visual input.


Assistive equipment or device

Tools that make it possible or easier for a child to perform a task.


Functional positioning

Strategic positioning and postural support that allow a child to have increased control of his body.


Sensory support

Increasing or decreasing sensory input to facilitate a child’s attention and interaction in the environment.


Alternative response mode

Recognition that a child might demonstrate mastery of a skill in a unique way that differs from the child’s typically developing peers.