Follow-up to Course 1: “Using the DRDP (2015) for Special Education” Suggestions for Administrators

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New special education assessors must complete the online training course, “Using the DRDP (2015) for Special Education,” and the accompanying online Demonstration of Rating Skills prior to completing any new required courses. All courses are available in the Desired Results Access Project’s Learning Center, at

Most special educators will pass two of the three Demonstration of Rating Skills exercises that are part of this course and earn a Certificate of Rating Skills. If someone does not successfully complete the Demonstration exercises, the following activities may be helpful:

  • The assessor can enroll in the course for the other age group listed in the Learning Center catalog. For example, if the teacher did not successfully complete the Preschool Demonstration of Rating Skills then register for the Infant/Toddler course.
  • Arrange for the assessor to meet with a more experienced DRDP (2015) assessor in the program to observe rating DRDP (2015) measures based on everyday routines, activities, and transitions.
  • Individually, in a small group, or at a staff meeting, use the practice videos from the Desired Results Access Project’s Video Library at to practice rating measures.

Please stress with assessors that taking time to go through the Demonstration of Rating Practice exercises carefully should lead to a successful outcome.

For questions or more information, please contact the Desired Results Access Project at (800) 673-9220 or