Supporting Instruction for Children with IEPs in Inclusive Settings

Inclusive opportunities for children with IEPs are expanding with Universal PreKindergarten!

Using effective, evidence-based practices in instruction greatly supports the successful inclusion of children with IEPs. Among these recommended practices is embedding instruction in the child’s daily activities and routines.

Embedded Instruction for Early Learning Tools for Teachers CaliforniaYou can learn how to use an embedded instruction framework systematically, supported by a job-embedded program of professional development that includes practice-based coaching through participation in Embedded Instruction for Early Learning California (EIEL CA). This opportunity is open to general education and special education partners.

Funding from the California Department of Education may be available to support your participation through the:

To explore more about EIEL-CA, visit the website and padlet. To learn more about participation, contact Therese Snyder or (707) 346-7716. Here is my calendly to make finding a time easy!