New videos: Using Authentic Assessment for Informing and Differentiating Instruction

The Preschool During the Pandemic series illustrates how the fields of early education and early childhood special education have been successfully supporting preschoolers and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Episode 13, a new, two-part video was just added to the series.

Episode 13 - Authentic Learning in Remote Preschool

Part 1: Home Learning Materials and Authentic Assessment
In this first part, New Mexico early childhood special educators Brittany Behenna Griffith and Tara Hughes illustrate how they provide families with engaging asynchronous learning activities and materials and how the families share rich documentation of their children participating in the activities on Seesaw (their classroom platform) to enable authentic assessment.

Part 2: Informing and Differentiating Instruction
In the second part, Tara and Brittany illustrate how they use authentic assessment documentation that families share on Seesaw to help inform and differentiate instruction.

Link to this series on the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA) web site: