Two New Videos: Honoring and Supporting Family Culture in Early Intervention

This two-part series illustrates how Amigo Baby, an early intervention program in Ventura County, provides virtual home visiting services that are culturally and linguistically sensitive and responsive to Latinx families, including Spanish-speaking and migrant indigenous families who speak Mixteco.

Honoring Family Culture in Early Intervention - Part 1: Isai and Eliel's StoryPart 1: Isai and Eliel's Story describes the use of strategies that are responsive to families’ language and culture, including the use of culturally appropriate communicators, working with all family members, being flexible, following the lead of families, and the use of coaching.

Part 2: Max's Story describes socio-economic and cultural challenges frequently faced by migrant indigenous families, strategies for supporting families’ basic needs, recruiting practitioners who speak the language and are a part of families’ communities, and using technologies that meet families’ needs and resources.

Accompanying the videos is a set of reflective questions for both program administrators and practitioners.