DRDP (2015) Infant/Toddler Instrument

The DRDP (2015) assessment was developed by the California Department of Education for young children and their families to inform instruction and program development and aligns with the California Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Foundations. The DRDP (2015) is administered over time in natural settings by familiar people. Children may demonstrate mastery of the skills assessed through a variety of communication modes, languages, and behaviors.

This page includes links to the Infant/Toddler View of the DRDP (2015) as well as required forms such as the Information Page and Rating Records.

The full DRDP (2015) Assessment Manual for use with infants and toddlers. This document includes the introduction on how to use the DRDP (2015), the Information Page, Rating Record, measures, and useful appendices for further information and resources.

An Information Page and Rating Record for each child assessed is required for reporting DRDP (2015) results, use this version for infants and toddlers.

A single page table of the domains and measures of the DRDP (2015) Infant/Toddler View.

The 29 measures from the DRDP (2015) Infant/Toddler View.

The Introduction and Appendix sections from the DRDP (2015) Infant/Toddler View.

The Desired Results for Children and Families Project has posted versions of the DRDP (2015) in additional languages. A version of the DRDP (2015) is available in Spanish for the Infant/Toddler View. For more information, contact the Desired Results for Children and Families Project.

Spanish language resource for the DRDP (2015) Infant/Toddler View